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  • Trevor Neilson, Co-founder and CEO, i(x) investments

    Trevor Neilson

    Co-founder and CEO, i(x) investments

    "Our firm, i(x) investments, is developing a new platform for early-stage investments, i(x) ventures. We are working with social impact experts Medora Ventures, Womble Carlyle, and Ampathy, and a range of leading VC firms and early-stage investors, to find the very best businesses addressing not only nutrition but also sustainable agriculture, clean energy, water scarcity, and other areas where we see the greatest potential for social and environmental impact.


    We can all agree that Silicon Valley technologies are, far too often, solving Silicon Valley’s problems. But what if we could collaborate with the world’s smartest venture capitalists and some of our greatest tech entrepreneurs to build companies that create long-term wealth and lasting impact?"

    The Internet Went Crazy Over This Startup This Week But Here’s What Everyone’s Missing
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  • Dar Vanderbeck, Chief Innovation Officer at CARE

    Dar Vanderbeck

    Chief Innovation Officer, CARE

    Last year, CARE launched the Scale X Design Accelerator, a program designed in collaboration with a range of actors to help the organization’s most impactful initiatives achieve scale. Partners included the Unreasonable Institute, an accelerator for social entrepreneurs; GRID Impact, a firm that specializes in human-centered design; community organizing experts Rhize; and Medora Ventures for their expertise in impact investing.


    “This is fundamentally about disrupting and re-designing how development is done and conceptualized, how we design our solutions for impact at scale and sustainability, and how we equip our leaders to act boldly in service of our mission," said Dar Vanderbeck, Chief Innovation Officer at CARE.

    Q&A: CARE's Scale X Design Accelerator program aims to bridge the gap between impact and scale
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