• "We compared purpose—what businesses should do—versus impact—what they are doing—and found that Millennials consider businesses to be underperforming by 10 percentage points at improving livelihoods, and underperforming by 12 percentage points on social / environmental benefit."

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  • "There are no shortcuts in seeking common ground for the hard-won but long-term solutions. Sustainability requires hands-on leadership that puts people first. 


    Leaders should avoid flyover approaches that are detached and uncaring. Ask: what are my unsustainable practices and where can we invest now, to save more later? To whom should I listen more, and what community viewpoints are being marginalized?"


    The World Economic Forum

    Global Agenda Blog



    The U.S. Soccer Foundation


    The U.S. Soccer Foundation’s programs are the national model for sports-based youth development in underserved communities. We are working with the Foundation on the Safe Places to Play initiative, an effort to serve 1 million youth and build 1,000 mini-pitches in communities nationally by 2026. This program helps children nationwide embrace an active and healthy lifestyle by offering safe environments where kids and communities thrive.

    Howard G. Buffett Foundation

    The Howard G. Buffett Foundation is one of the world’s largest private foundations, with $100 million to $200 million in annual giving. We supported the Buffetts’ work on the New York Times bestselling book 40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World.


    We assisted with public events for Warren E. Buffett, Howard G. Buffett, and Howard W. Buffett during the 12 city book tour, and we aided in interview preparation for the Buffetts on the Today Show, Morning Joe, Charlie Rose, and many other shows. This publicity campaign reached over half a billion media impressions in the first month alone.

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