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Medora's work featured on NPR

Interview covers topics from global risk to aligning investments with values

NPR's Peter Ricchiuti conducted a wide-ranging interview with Medora Ventures co-founder and partner Rob Lalka and Jay Hakes, the former Director of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta. During the interview, Lalka had this to say about purpose-driven ventures:

"There's this whole world called impact investing, social enterprise and impact investing, it's becoming all the rage with the millennial generation. They really care about finding ways to fit their values with how they're investing, what products they're choosing to buy, all of that.


I don't want to just get caught in buzz words, though. I think there's actually something to be said for finding companies that you can choose to purposefully make their impact - the good that they're doing in the world -embedded in their business.


For instance, if you're launching an education technology company, and you're building out a way for students and teachers to interact more closely in the way that technology now allows for, such that it's not just pencil on the page, that is going to help kids to learn more quickly, but it's also going to help teachers to get better feedback. The higher student performance goes, the better the business does itself. So it's actually marrying up the social purpose and the for-profit money-making. It's a great way to do well by doing good."

Listen to the full interview here:

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