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Medora Ventures is Hiring an Impact Investing Fellow

Impact Investing Fellow – Fall Semester

Medora Ventures is looking for a Fellow to join our team for the Fall Semester. This fellowship is a unique opportunity to work with leading impact investors around the country, interact with a cutting-edge fintech and data analytics company, and learn the workings of a fast-growing strategy consulting firm. The role will include research, e-mail outreach to family office contacts, scheduling interviews with investors and subject matter experts, tracking responses, managing and streamlining databases, and responding on behalf of the project lead when necessary.

Candidates should be prepared to devote approximately 15 hours a week. Our goal is to fill this role immediately with a start date of early to mid-September.

Medora Ventures is a strategy consulting firm that was founded on the belief that the most valuable investments produce a return not only for shareholders but also for the local community, for society at large, and, ultimately, for generations to come.

Though this role will focus on the successful completion of specific projects and deliverables, the ideal candidate will also have an entrepreneurial spirit and a solutions-oriented mindset and bring both a unique perspective and fresh ideas to the team.

This fellowship is ideal for a candidate who wishes to explore the world of impact investing and wealth management. In this role, the fellow will have a unique opportunity to gain exposure to the entire ecosystem of players in impact investing, and the fellow will work with all levels of staff within the firm and with the client, up to and including presenting to the CEO.

There is a small stipend available for this fellowship, or the fellow is encouraged to pursue course credit for this work as part of an independent study or otherwise as part of their undergraduate or graduate curriculum.


  • Schedule, track, and host interviews with potential investors and partners
  • Compile and synthesize information gained from outreach and from interviews with experts
  • Write, edit and develop text, graphics, charts and tables for the final report


  • Strong communication skills, including high aptitude in reading comprehension, writing, and presentation
  • Strong knowledge of Excel, PPT, and Word. Mastery of Excel or Google Sheets is not necessary, but a big plus
  • Capacity to do excellent, thorough, and volumninous research on the internet under time pressure
  • Ability to synthesize large quantities of information into concise reports
  • Highly developed organizational and analytical skills
  • Strong interest in and/or knowledge of impact investing
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Strong work ethic, unafraid of teams, work, or teamwork
  • World-class project management skills
  • Located in Los Angeles (not necessary, but the weather is better here)

We are hiring for this role immediately! Please send your resume and a cover letter OR 1-2 paragraphs on how you’d introduce yourself to someone you would want to invest in your startup to

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